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Giggles Carnival of Horrors

is a project I started in school. This is my first real venture into game design as I am mainly a programmer. I've always loved indie horror games on steam and figured making a game with a collection of some of my favorite aspect of those games would be a great way to pay homage.

That's exactly what Giggles Carnival of Horrors is a collection of horror mini games each having a unique gameplay mechanic or AI. The Demo includes 3 maps/horrors to beat.

I would like to see how interested people would be in actually seeing a game like this finished which is why I am posting it up here. I honestly do not know if I am cutout for game design as this is my first venture into it. With that being said I hope the community on here will help steer me in the right direction as it has for so many other game designers trying to make a name for themselves

The gameplay video and screenshots included here show each aspect of the demo maps as well as a creepy carnival lobby map! :D


Features :

3 Different Maps centered around a horror(AI) that is locked up in Giggles Carnival.

The Demons Maze:

Classic jumpscare key find game with a huge maze and random key spawn to explore. All while being hunted by The Demon.

The Queens Dungeon:

Focused around weapon use in a beat em up style dungeon with a boss and minion fight.

Krasue's Diary:

A page hunt game much in the vein of Slenderman. The player must hunt for pages of the diary while being stalked by Krasue.


When will the game be released?

No full game release date as I am waiting to see the community reaction.

How much will it cost?

The Demo is FREE!

What Languages will be supported?

Planning to have text/subtitle support for other languages.

What platforms does the game support?

Just Windows 7,8,10 right now but I do plan to do a linux build if i can I find a proper computer to test it on. I also plan to add gamepad play which will allow play on console.

Please check my website and this page for the latest updates of the game.

Giggles Carnival Of Horrors Website

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just in case you have problems downloading from this site.

Install instructions

Unzip files

In root folder "Giggle_Demo"

run "FPS_Horror_Game.exe"


Free Playable Demo